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From June 7 to June 9 next year, the tranquil solitude of the Warrumbungles, northern NSW's spectacular mountain range, will come alive with the thunder of hooves as over 400 riders rest their horses and themselves in the annual 160km Tom Quilty Gold Cup Endurance Ride. 

The beautiful, sleepy village of Tooraweenah, at the base of the Warrumbungles, will play host to the riders, horses, entourage and spectators taking part in the "Quilty" which figures in the Endurance Riding calendar as the National Championship attracting competitors form around the world. 
President of the Quilty Committee, Kevin Estens, a Tooraweenah grazier and aviator, describes the event as; "The ultimate Endurance Ride in this part of the world."

The legendary RM Williams organised the first ride 25 years ago through the Hawkesbury district in NSW- as a tribute to a friend, West Australian cattle baron, Tom Quilty. a colourful character, Quilty was a respected houseman, bush poet and the man to whom RM Williams owed his establishment in the cattle industry.

Five years ago, in 1985, it was decided to rotate the Quilty around the states and as 1991 will be the first year since then, that NSW has hosted the "Cup", organisers are out to prove the Warrumbungles Ride as one of the most challenging and successful.

"The ride starts at midnight on June 7 and covers four sections through some of the most rugged and spectacular country in NSW- The Warrumbungles will really test the stamina of both horse and rider," said Kevin Estens.

"However, as is the principal of the Quilty, horse safety will be of paramount importance- continual veterinary checks will ensure that no harm can occur to the horses," he said. 
Horses are checked after each stage for their speed of recovery and if they do not meet the vet requirements, they are "vetted out". Evan at the conclusion of the rise horses must be in such a condition that they could complete another stage.

The Tom Quilty reeks of Australian pioneering spirit; where horse and rider challenge the terrain in a national and international sporting event which captures the imagination of riders and spectators alike.

Jillian Blackman, Secretary/Promotions.

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Tom Quilty up date!
The Ultimate Endurance Ride- Returns to New South Wales                         

Our Committee have literaly given the horse his head to make sure preparations for the 1991 Tom Quilty are in place early.

A confirmed programme of events is listed in this bumper Quality addition of the Newsletter to give you some idea of the scale of nest years event.

We are sill negotiating for "Top Class" entertainment for the Quilty Dinner Dance on Sunday evening, plus other entertainments, earlier in the week.

At the moment we are looking at several options for the Hire of a Marque which will be the focal point for all the major functions. It will seat 1,000 people and contain a Dance Floor. The Show Pavillion will contain a Bar, seating a tables, Video/Television viewing, Maps of each Leg of the Trail and plenty of space for Arab Stud Breeders to display photographs and information on their Stud Stock. A door access has been added from the Pavillion to the supper room.

Entry criteria for the Quilty is in Myrtleford this year. One, 80km competition in the previous 12 months, 160km at any time or Quilty Buckle holder.

The cost of Entry Fee will be know after the AERA meeting in Dubbo on November, 23/24. To date we have received 120 registration of interest forms. They have been coming in steadily each week.
The entry forms for the Ride will be posted December/January with closing date of May 3rd.
Fundraising activities already planned are a New Years Eve "Howdown" at Tooraweenah with supper and entertainment. If you would like to attend call Geoff or Beverly Pike. There is plenty  There is plenty of space to put down your bed roll.

Our president, Kevin Estens is organising a Bus to bring our crew to Sydney to attend the Quilty Ball on Saturday February 17 and the NSW E.R.A Annual Meeting on Sunday. It's a week-end we're all looking forward to. Hope we see you there. 

With regards to sponsorship. We will know how much is available by November 25th. Our Committee are confident, that funding commitment to assure the Rides success will be confirmed by that date..
Ride Base facilities have been our number one priority. We literally have "HOT" showers galore, at 3 locations with toilets to match. Our wood pile is growing and for strappers we have sufficient Blackboards to show times through each check point. A public address system will operate 10 days before the Ride, with 4 speakers in strategic places.

Dis someone ask, what about our check pointers? Riders can be assured of friendly greetings, signs to ease the saddle soreness and more surprises. Promotional signs are being painted for the Ride Base, Oxley Highway and the perimeters of the Shire ready for erection bu the December School Holidays.
Bookings for Van Hire and powered sites are still being taken by me, but please get you booking in early as these are limited. 

If your interested in purchasing souvenirs before the Ride please fill in the order form in this issue.
The Quilty trail will be totally remarked using a system of arrows with a horse, plus colour coding. Flares will highlight all nigh sections.

Two training tracks will be marked, one on the flat course, the second over mountain country. A Vet and Farrier are available from June 1st.

Jillian Blackman, Secretary/Promotions.