The 16 000-acre Tooraweenah Run was taken up by squatter Andrew Brown in 1837. The first store was opened in 1841 and a village began to develop. In 1884 a school opened followed by a hotel in 1886.

Kookaburra March.PNG

Kookaburra March
One event memorialized in the town's history is the Kookaburra March, where 23 men set out from Tooraweenah in 1916 on a march to Bathurst to recruit men for service in World War I (There is a veteran's plaque on the village common).

Local volunteers setting off from Tooraweenah on their Kookaburra March.

Photo from The Land, follow this link for more information. 


The Arthur Butler Memorial Aerodrome has a place in commercial aviation history in New South Wales. Named after Arthur Butler (pioneer aviator) to commemorate Butler stopping in Tooraweenah to refuel his aircraft to continue his trip of being the smallest aircraft to fly solo between England and Australia in 1931, a record that still stands today.  


Butler also operated his successful airlines (Butler Air Transport Company and Butler Air Services Pty Ltd) between the 1938 to 1957, using Tooraweenah aerodrome as an operation base.

The Tooraweenah community holds an annual Arthur Butler Memorial Fly In to commemorate Butler’s involvement in NSW commercial aviating.

Arthur Butler plane.png

Photo of Arthur refueling his plane in Tooraweenah.

Photo from Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences

NSW commercial aviation. The old airstrip and airport building are still standing.

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