For those who haven't seen the track where this ride is taking place,

Let's take you on a look-see of the obstacles that they face.

With 800 stamping horse hoofs, wild beating into thunder

At 12 o'clock in the black on night, it really makes you wonder.

No matter what the weather, frosty, rain or sleeting

These brave riders take off, their hearts all fiercely beating.

It's too darn dark to see your hand, with but a torch to light your way

Your trusty steed will see you through, till the break of day.

Now strappers watch the spectral lights gliding out of sight

Disappearing ghostly forms swallowed by the night.

And silently they say a prayer to save you form the spills

Your torches flicker through the trees as you pass by Laurel Hills

And on to Tallawarra, by Yootha you will go

Around the base of Paddy's Rock once direly dreaded so

Once the trail went over it, many will recall

It was just too steep and deadly, you could easily take a fall.

Now out by Ned Smith's windmill you climb by creek and tor

Up and up to Tondurong, ancient volcano core

Like a huge pondering warrior, now frozen into stone

As you pass, by dead of night, you'll feel you're not alone.

And so you go through Timmy Gale's, where he will welcome you,

Over the Uargon Creek, to Cargo's Spire View.

The spectral lanterns glisten, ghostly riders travel far

Across the mountain foothills to Wandillabah!

Where a stand of majestic Ghost Gums, in the blackened velvet night

Catching a beam from your torch, becomes, a heavenward collanade of light.

Down by Honeymoon Hut now, no time to idle there

You're on your way to the check point, come in first if you dare.

For another stiff climb if rising, away from the flat

There you'll find yourself on top, of Cargo's Chinaman's Hat!

Where once on a cold and rainy night a pilot ended his last flighth

But you've no time for feeling blue, as you pass again through Spire View.

Now you cross the Dug-out Creek, to Willow Mount you come

The cold night is making your whole body numb!

Over Wallumburrawong to Leumeah, which means 'place of rest'

You'd love to, I know, but you have to pass the test.

So down through Yootha, you now go, keeping up the pace

It won't be long and you'll be back, at the home base.

You're finishing the first leg of this Endurance Ride

If you pass the vet check you will feel a great sense of Pride.

They'll give you a quick meal, something nice and hot

Then off you go on the second leg. Give it all you've got!

To Toolangatta and Ned's hill, you'll really have to scramble

You're heading out for Kath and Ernie Haylock's Uamble.

Daylight should now be breaking as you make the grand descent

To the Tonderbrine below you, no one would resent

That the Man From Snowy River is not resting in his sleep

But rides again this morning as down the mountain steep.....

You'll let your pony have his head, he's done it all before

And in your seat you have not budged, though you're thrilling to the core.

Then up along the Tonderbrine you'll see the sun arise

Over the Bluff Mountain it's beauty, it's surprise.

Now underneath the Organ Pipes of Naman you will go

You're heading back to Yootha, now don't you dawdle so

With Wattle Springs behind you, over Tooraweenah Creek

You're on your way once more today to Ned's awful peak.

Ned's Hill they call it --- it will test you heart and will

But you are here to conquer it and conquer it you will

Some will climb on hands and knees, 2000 feet you'll rise

Straight up without a break, but you, will win your prize.

For daylight now will light your world, you'll see the grandest view

Of Tondurong and Exmouth, the Bluff and Crater too

Many a stout heart's been broken by that unrelenting climb

But now it's all behind you, you're feeling quite sublime.

Then once again it's down you go, dashing through the trees

To pass by Ned's log cabin and you're thinking life's a breeze

When suddenly there before you .... the steepest of them all

Where riders cling to horses tails to get themselves a haul

Heartbreak Hill is it's name, to break your heart is it's claim

But half way up it's down again, someone's playing a bloody game!

But now at last you're heading home, one question's pounding on your brain

Have you seen the last of it, or will you do it all again?

Back at base again you'll be vetted fed and warmed

The spectators will be watching the patterns that you've formed

As through the check points that you've passed, as posted on the board

You set out on the third leg, in sequence, your reward.

Ten miles out on Coonamble road, you turn right to Dooroombah

To scale the heights of Rockvale, it isn't very far

Though horse and rider will be feeling, just no little pain

As on top they do a "Hughie" and then it's right back down again.

And the going now is easy, though you're feeling almost done

You've lost your sense of humour and you very sense of fun

But help is very near at hand, next door at Coomooroo

With her famous chocolate slab cake, waits the lovely lady Lou.

With a cup of tea to cheer you, she'll see you on your way

And everyone will bless her, I know for sure this day!

You're heading back to base again, through Ernie's you now head

Up the cutting in Skyline, feeling better now you're fed!

Again you face the check points the vetting in as well

And you'll be very grateful to get another spell

Soon you're out on the last leg, you're a little apprehensive

This one could cost you dearly, it could really be expensive.

This is the testing time, for you, and for your horse

But you have learned the secrets of pacing out the course

So far you have evaded exhaustion and the spills

As once again you lead out through John Bull's Laurel Hills. 

To James Armytage's Kelburn South to ride Tooraweenah Range 

To Laurel Hills and Tallawarra, you might think it very strange 

For now you're back in Laurel Hills on a criss-cross sort of trail

And the winner will be feeling there's no way he can fail.

And the cheering that will greet you as you cross the winning line

Is just the sweetest taste there is, as sweet as Cherry Wine!

You know you're Pony's gone well, as well as it could be

You await again the vetting and results you can't wait to see.

For you the ride is over and you know that you have won

You've won the Tom Quilty Gold Cup, that is what you've done!

You're the newest Champion, you feel a special pride

The annals will record you name, your own Tom Quilty Ride!

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