Here you can find everything related to media regarding the Tom Quilty Gold Cup 2022. 

Media Releases


Toora to host Tom Quilty 

Gilgandra Weekly 15.02.22

Tooraweenah is set to host the Tom Quilty Gold Cup Endurance Ride in July. The prestigious horse ride is Australia's National Endurance Championship. 'To compete is to win' is the ride motto, emphasising the high standard of horsemanship"... CONTINUE READING

Tom Quilty National Endurance Champtionships Picking Up Pace!

Toorabungles 30.03.22

"Preparations for the 56th Tom Quilty Endurance event are picking up pace as the July deadline approaches. All the village facilities are being primed for the running of this national event" ...CONTINUE READING

Brave juniors to take up the Tom Quilty challenge

Western Plains App 05.04.22

"The strength and resilience of the juniors who compete in this gruelling ride creates a strong and independent young people who make our community proud"...CONTINUE READING

Juniors take up the Tom Quilty Challenge

Gilgandra Weekly 06.04.22

"The event has captured the attention of a dedicated group of young competitors from the local region who are now training and trying to gain qualification to enter"...CONTINUE READING


A group of brave juniors taking up the Tom Quilty challenge

Coonamble Times 14.04.2022

"Isabella Worner successfully completed her first 160km ride in 2021 and will team up with her mother Sara Worner to ride"... CONTINUE READING

Junior riders take up endurance challenge 

Coonabarabran Times 21.04.22

""That was a tough ride, raining and cold, but my horse get me through along with encouragement from my family and friends. I can't wait to participate in the Tom Quilty 2022, It's very exciting and I'm so lucky to have it on home ground," Lara said".....CONTINUE READING 

Junior riders take on Tom Quilty qualifier

Gilgandra Weekly 03.05.22

Over the weekend...Sophia Moppett travelled to Bambaldry with other members of the club to take on a Tom Quilty Qualifier...CONTINUE READING

A group of brave juniors taking up the challenge

Toorabungles 05.05.22

"Lara follows in the footsteps of her grandfather, mother, brothers and cousins and is thrilled to be part of much a long-standing family tradition."...CONTINUE READING

Mexican rider Jose Flores to compete in the Iconic Tom Quilty 160km Endurance Ride at Tooraweenah.

Horse Deals 06.05.22

"The Tom Quilty Gold Cup is one of the oldest and best-known endurance rides in the world, and has traditionally attracted international competitors keen to try the unique Australian conditions."...CONTINUE READING

It's not just horsepower at iconic Tom Quilty 160km Endurance Ride at Tooraweenah.

Horse Deals 06.05.22

"On day of ride we leave in the dark at least an hour before the horse riders to flaring the track and open all the gates. During the day we then shut all the gates and open gates for other legs. I think on ride day we ride at least double or more than the actual horses.”...CONTINUE READING

More than horsepower at Tom Quilty Cup

Western Plains App 08.05.22

"The "Bike Boys" have the important job of checking and maintaining the track for the horse riders and to be first responders should there be an incident."...CONTINUE READING

Bikes to help Quilty riders

Gilgandra Weekly 10.05.22

"The Tom Quilty is a feat of horsemanship, with horses and riders working together to cover 160km in one day, but behind the scenes is a troop of equally dedicated motorbike riders."...CONTINUE READING

Jose Flores to ride in Tom Quilty Cup

The Coonamble Times 22.05.22

"Excitement is building with some big names among the 300 endurance riders expected to take part in this year's Tom Quilty Gold cup."...CONTINUE READING