Help support the running of our event. We have a number of sponsorship packages to help with the infrastructure needed to successfully run our event. Or help with the care, not only the horses, but the vets, chief stewards and most importantly our volunteers. There will be a need for a horse hospital, vets and official area and a volunteer’s hub, to name a few.



The Official Marque & Bar - With naming rights to the sponsors.


2 x $5000 packages


This is where all the official meetings, presentations, friendships and

celebrations will occur. The marquee will provide food and beverages

throughout the week and will have events to promote and highlight local

businesses and activities. A closing dinner dance will be held in this

marque. We will have great food, dancing and music to help relax and

celebrate after all the hard work. This is not only for the riders, but support

crews, volunteers, sponsors, officials and locals. 



Horse Vet Hospital - 5 x $500 packages


Your sponsorship will help provide shelter, comfort, yards and equipment

to any equine friends that may require professional veterinarian assistance.



The Strapping Area - 4 x $1000 packages


Your sponsorship will help supply lightning towers, water troughs, hot water and other needs to successfully run the strapping area.  



Vets and Officials - 4 x $500 packages


Your sponsorship will help keep all the vets and officials fed, hydrated and able to

complete their job to the best of their ability. It will also help to provide a respite

area for these essential personnel to have a brief rest and recuperation.



Volunteer Hub - 6 x $400 packages


Our volunteers are so important, without them it would be impossible for the event to happen. Your sponsorship will help provide hot meals, drinks and warm shelter for our volunteers to refuel and re-energise during the 2-day event. We will have approximately 100 volunteers to help at vetting, pencilling, time keeping, data entry and on checkpoints out on all the 5 tracks of the event.



Checkpoint Champions - 16 x $500 packages


Your sponsorship will help support the checkpoint teams to make available food and water for competitors and horses, whilst also giving checkpoint volunteers energy to stay up all night to keep the riders safe and on course.

Rider Bib Sponsorship  7 x $650

Have your business seen for years to come. We are seeking 7 x $650 sponsorships to purchase new rider number bibs for this Tom Quilty Gold Cup. We will promote your company/business on each bib you purchase. No year/date will be on them so they can be used for many more events to come.

Heavy Weight – 1 x lot of 50 bibs - $650
Middle Weight – 3 x lot of 50 bibs - $650 per 50
Light Weight – 2 x lot of 50 bibs - $650 per 50
Junior – 1 x lot of 50 bibs - $650

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