The Tom Quilty Gold Cup Endurance Ride continues to attract riders young and old from across

Tom Quilty in Tooraweenah

Australia and beyond to prove their horsemanship and secure their place in history.

Riders will get an opportunity at the elusive prize on a track that is known for its picturesque scenery, friendly volunteers and welcoming locals.

2022 marks 31 years since the Tom Quilty Gold Cup was hosted at Tooraweenah in 1991. Andrew Bailey was first to successfully complete the 160km track in 10hrs and 58 mins on Tantawanglo Hamal Zahab.

Andrew Bailey.jpg

Andrew Bailey and Tantawanglo Hamal Zahab with the Gold Cup

Photo from Archive: 1991 Tom Quilty Tooraweenah NSW

TV coverage video

Prime Television Local story coverage of the 1991 Tom Quilty at Tooraweenah.

N.S.W. Endurance Riders Association inc. Newsletter

25th Annual Tom Quilty Ride Preview

Pictured below is an excerpt from the N.S.W. ERA Newsletter from November 1990 detailing information regarding the upcoming 25th Tom Quilty held in Tooraweenah.


Tom Quilty Rider Account by Sonia Bonham

We have unearthed a school essay (see picture below) written by our current Tooraweenah Club secretary Sonia Bonham accounting her experience riding in the 1991 Tom Quilty printed in the 1993 September edition of the N.S.W. ERA Newsletter.


The 1991 Tom Quilty Endurnace Ride by Kath Haylock

We have found a poem (see pictures below) written by Tooraweenah local Kath Haylock giving a unique look at the track that was, in the 1991 Tom Quilty.

Poem pg 1.JPG
Poem pg 2.JPG
Poem pg 3.JPG